Enchanting Kornati Islands, islets are under UNESCO protection as a remarkable natural heritage 89 Islands and islets, reefs with 2700 sunny hours per year, in the words of g. Bernard Shaw formed out of tears, stars and breath.

For a stroll through Croatia and the archipelago is almost no words to describe it. Rowing between islands is an unforgettable adventure. With the sea close by, we stand out get them kayaki in places, past which we still can only sail, conquered peaks offer awesome views, swim in Azure, veslamo with the wind in your hair. Wild nature in which is hidden a full of small surprises you will inspire you.

COMPLEXITY-the tour is suitable for beginners. The possibility of paddling in the coxless pairs event at the time of reservation.

The REQUIRED EQUIPMENT-frontal light sleeping bag, rowing clothing and footwear dry bags for daily use, bathing suit, towel, toiletries, Sun protection (cream and hat)

OTHER IMPORTANT information-the tour is kept. In our little sports Cartoon database on the island of Kornat is waiting for basic equipment; the boat with the rudder (enojci and dvojci Paas), life jacket, paddle, spraydeck.


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